Pictures of our pets post 2014

(who rule the house)

Pictures of-  Shadow  -   Charlie  -  

An unusual sight! The green blanket is Shadow's "domain" and he usually leaves if Charlie tries to join him. Of course that may be because she often tries to get him to wrestle and chase.

Sorry for the quality of ths one, but iPad and darkish room does not make good pictures.
They are celibrating the return of "a" cat bed to in front of the fire place.
I had the fall service done on October 6th. and these guys are happy it is back.

Charlie has also discovered that the floor is warm in front of the fireplace.

First day this fall the fireplace has been turned on. Shadow is in heaven.

They've sort of become friends - Shadow is jealous of attention to Charlie - and she frequently beats him up.

We moved the cat tree to a spot in front of the patio door in the basement - great for bird watching - and they've both adopted it. There is some discussion over who gets the top level.

Charlie is becoming more confident but is still skittish with humans. Pay attention - but not too close!

Charlie Cat has come to live with us.

Shadow taking on a new persona - as a table lamp


They have become good friends, but this is the very first time that we have found Shadow and Puddy together in Sheila's chair.
(Nov 28, 2015)
On the other hand, Sheila rarely gets to read or knit without help from both cats! Puddy is always on the knees, Shadow upside down under her elbow. Puddy resents this intrusion in HER space.
(Nov 28, 2015)

Shadow was in need of a scratching pole long enough for him to stretch out. He seems to think this is a good place to be sociable at meal time, and Pud loves the center shelf when the sun shines.
(March 22, 2015)
What you can't see are the 100 Pine Siskins a couple of feet the other side of the door. They do get together but more in a passing mood than in the friendship this suggests.
(Feb 3, 2015)

Our next door neighbours came over to meet Shadow with treats and toys - including a catnip bag.

On December 27, 2014 We were adopted by a new(ish) kitten (here-in called Shadow). He is a twice rescued cat about 1 year old.

(Dec 31, 2014)

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