Charlie needed a forever home
December 2019 and on into the future

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Charlie seems to have adapted to us! Well at least adapted to the sun in the late afternoon. Now if the scratcher post was moved some place else things would really be looking up.

Charlie sure liked the look of the Nova Scotia blanket while it was over Allan's feet BUT she wouldn't share. As soon as Allan left she stole it.

Charlie is a one year old female cat, who came to live with us on December 16th. Our neighbour alerted us to her presence at a local pet food store, put there by a rescue society. She looked so unhappy, but put up her chin to be rubbed and purred. You might say she sucked us in!

On bringing her home she quickly found her way behind the boxes stored under our basement stairs. Getting close enough to make friends caused some house cleaning!

Shadow was initially more afraid of her than she of him, but now they play and tussle.


The rescue society wanted us to take her to our vet for a checkup in the first two weeks. So we let her get used to sleeping in the cat carrier, and on Dec 30th, whisked her off to the vet. She was not too happy, and on returning home she found a new hidey hole behind an old table top where we didn't manage to locate her for about a week!

We knew that she was coming out every night to eat, and once we located her, and took away the table top, she started spending her days in Sheila's weaving studio - between the ironing board and a loom.

We are beginning to make friends - she now allows chin and back rubs if you are sitting the right chair, and really likes to play with the blue feather. But don't move too suddenly, or make any loud noises or she will bolt back to her safe place. Convincing her that she's now safe is going to be a long process!

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