Pud passed away of cancer November 21, 2019.

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Happiness is having the tummy up in front of the fire.

Puddy making like a door mat!


Puddy on the couch "eating worms" because Shadow has pushed her out of "her" chair!

This is a rocking chair - Pud nearly knocked us over backwards when she jumped up. Then she settled in for a nap. And - having gotten comfortable - she slid off the back when Sheila stood up. Oops!


Sunshine by the patio door is a good source of heat too.
(Aug 4, 2016)
Time for a toenail clipping, but we'll cuddle first.
(May 20, 2016)

Snoozing in front of the fire place - WARM is GOOD!
(May 19, 2016)
Puddy was annoyed when Sheila wrapped her up in the latest knitting."
(April 5, 2015)

Puddy looking on with disapproval when Shadow got up on Sheila's lap. Her nose is definitely "out of joint."
(Jan 3, 2015)
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