Welcome to the Allan's projects prior to 2007

Maple Bowl This is the second turning from the Scarlet Maple tree that died in the spring of 2006 (also the one that I was putting the lights in when I broke my arm). Like the bowl two pictures below, the black is the fungus that killed the tree. This one is turned from the side of the trunk, and the one below is a cross section of the whole trunk. (Nov 14)
Stuff the four beads are turned to act as spacers in a boat shuttle that jams as the yarn is pulled off. The bigger items are for pricking the shell of eggs before you boil them. The small hole in the shell lets the sulphur gas out and stops the gray ring from forming around the yoke. The penny is so you can get an idea of the size of those beads. Sure glad I leaned to turn bobbin lace bobbins when I started out turning wood. Jane the dark items are made from wood from your deck (Sept 5)
Maple Bowl Turned from the Scarlet Sentinel maple tree that grew in our front yard for 15 years. The tree died this spring with a fungus that blocked the sap from flowing. The fungus made the black stains in the wood. (July 26)
Burl Bowls Turned from the edge scrap of a burl that Steve gave me last March. The main block of wood is going to become a mantel clock and a large candy dish.
The left is not very useful but it sure looks nice. Finished with turners wax. The right is more functional (for a 4 inch bowl) and is finished with spray varnish (July 8)
Mantle Clock Made of "book matched" hickory and blood wood. Design stolen directly from Lee Valley, is about 11 inches high and 3 wide. Pendulum is separate from the clock mech. (May 14)
Coffee table. Made of reclaimed wood, for a small apartment balcony. 18 inches high, 22 inches across the straight side. If you look closely you can see (especially in the edge) some of the marks left by bolts and nails from the original construction. (April 12)
Legs to raise the head of a friends bed to reduce the effect of acid reflux. You would love them it you had the problem...(March 14)
Back deck table(s) Sitting on the glass deck rail, they are made of clear cedar cut in pie shape and glued together. (March 9)
Click for the table in the shop
So what is this you ask Click to see it in use. But it's a sweater drier mounted over the freezer. Sits out of the road and flat on the wall when not in use.(Feb 06)
The spinning stool Well it doesn't have a finish yet, but construction is done. The long talked about spinning stool. Yes it's a piano stool with short legs, but it's adjustable in the range that we both need for working our spinning wheels. The legs are made of 7/4 eastern maple, seat is 5/4 cherry with a maple laminate in the center.(Sept 7/05)
Gluing wood The old adage you can never have to many clamps comes true again. This is the central block for the spinning stool that is in progress (hopefully there are pictures of it above). It is 6 sided with 3 legs mortised into it. The silver things are bolts that will help hold the legs when done. Total of 10 clamps on three levels to hold it. (Aug 31/05)
Table Turned from scrap oak, and blood wood (from a pallet) This table is about 18 inches high and 9 inches in diameter. For use beside the chairs on the back deck. The top is oak and blood wood laminated then turned.(Aug 21/05)
Bowl This block of unknown burl has been setting around on for over a year waiting for some attention. Purchased at Woodcraft in Seatle, I didn't want to cut into it because it was so nice as a block. Idea finally came to me to just leave it as a block and turn what you see here. About 6 inches on a side. (Aug 14/05)
Egg Cups Not exactly the same (but close). Made of old growth White Oak. This is the first time I started out to make two of anything the same. (July 25/05)
Paper Clip Holder More of the old growth White Oak. These are fun because you have to cut the hole in the top to fit the ring magnet on both the inside of the magnet and the inside of the box. About 3 inches in diameter, and 2 inches high (July 25/05)
Gate Post To hold the address sign between the driveways. Just had to make it fancy, with the curved top. Cedar 2x6 in the curve and cedar 2x4 in the post.(July 12/05)
Walnut, Padunk, Blood wood (Feb 05)  6 inch bowl, that started in 2002 with a trip to Salt Lake City and Woodcraft where I bought the Padunk and Blood wood. I started to do the turning in 2003, but I had problems with the edges at the base. Finished Feb 2005
Glasses cup (Feb 05) Oak - 2.5 inch diameter by 5 inch high, made to hold reading glasses beside recliner in living room.
The steamer  Working on a Garden arch to go over the entry way for the new patio area. To make the top I'm building curved ribs.

First I steam the 1.5 and .25 inch 60 inches long cedar strips for about 45 minutes in this steamer. No that is not the kitchen kettle. It is a high volume kettle from Lee Valley.
Back Yard patio The fencing is to give us some privacy from the next door neighbour's front door and driveway. The block work just finished it off.
7 inch Maple Bowl - Western Filigree Maple. (Feb 2004)
Book CaseBeside the laundry room sink. I had to move the sink 6 inches in this direction for the new wash/dryer and had to make a new space to Riley to watch supper being made.
6 inch Bowl (Oct, 02), Turned from hawthorn from a neighbours yard. No finish. The stump has been in the back of the garage for three years drying out and taking up space.
32x18 Table (April 03), Made of yellow cedar, with red cedar inlay. Allan took a beginner joinery class for 10 week in March/April at the local college
10 inch Bowl (March 03), More cypress. This one is an art piece. Wouldn't hold water on a bet.
10 inch Bird feeder (Dec 29/02), Vancouver Island cypress that Heather and Steve got from the chip pile at a saw mill.
9 inch candy dish (Dec 19/02), Vancouver Island cypress burl. You would not belive the smell that this wood puts in the house as it is being turned. The bird feeder was not a burl and didn't smell half as much. Even wax'd this bowl still has some smell to it
6 inch bowl from 80 year apple tree in our yard
"The Oregon equivalent of Gary Oak - about 3 inch diameter - 28/01/02"