Welcome to the Allan's projects 2008

Pine Bowl made from old growth wood reclaimed from an 50 year old packing house. One can identify this as not being coastal pine by the closeness of the growth rings. It is about 6 inches square and 2 inches high.
(Dec 21, 2008)
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Pergola To give some shade to the back yard patio, and make it a more inviting space to go sit. It is made with 2x6 cedar and about 18ft by 10ft wide
(Aug 25, 2008)
Temporary fence in the garden to keep plants off the sidewalk.
Made of 3/4 irrigation pipe (no glue) so it can be easily reconfigured in future and stored for winter. 6 inches between rails and 6 inches off ground. Held in place by 24 inch rebar driven through the posts
(July 17, 2008)
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Trapeze Well some how you use it to put the warp on the loom with out help. Check out http://LauraFry.ca for an explanation of what it does.
(July 10, 2008)
Coffee Table The second table for the back deck. Made with reclaimed pine, and fir. The dark on the leg is the fir and the top is pine.
(July 8, 2008)
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Coffee Table For use on the back deck. Allan often eats lunch or has morning coffee out here when Sheila is at work. This is made from reclaimed pine recovered from timbers from old buildings in the Okanagan. The dark wood is rough cedar fence board. (June 10, 2008)

Myrtle Wood bowl, from blank purchased in Coos Oregon. The pictures above show what cat happen when you "touch up" an edge.
(April 25, 2008)
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Whole setup

Working side
An other addition to the loom. On the left, with the six bolts is a bracket to hold an articulated arm for the monitor

(March 27)
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Pine Box Learning to make small box with a close fitting lid. In this case it's a "pine box" made from the scrap left from Sheila's computer desk.

Nothing to it. All you need is a thickness planner, cabinet makers saw, dado blade. (Nov 30, 2007)

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Computer Desk To hold the contol computer for the new loom, and drawers for "stuff". (Nov 18, 2007)
Loom bracket On the new loom so the breast beam can be removed without the need for tools etc. (rev 1.0 I have an idea as to how to make it better yet) (Oct 5, 2007)
Loom Arms To hold the leash sticks which are used to keep the strands of yarn in sequence when putting a warp on the loom. Cut from 4/4 cheery and fit to the Baby Wolf loom. (Aug 2, 2007)
Bowl Turned from an unknown hardwood with many coats of brush-on Varathane. It's 4 inches on a side and the top is curved. (Feb 8, 2007)
Bending Cedar The clamps hold the formed cedar strips as the glue dries. There are 28 spring clamps holding the two layers together. Remember you can never have too many clamps. Click image for a picture of the forming. (Dec 12)
Paper Clip/Pen Holders Turned from Oak. About 3.5 inches high, no finish other than sanding. (Dec 1)
Bird Feeder With Mobbie (next door Siamese cat) moved away, we're going to try a second feeder, closer to the ground. No it's not straight, the base is loose so the top can be picked off for storage and cleaning. The pipe is 3/4 inch irrigation. The top is pine 2x6 laminated on edge and turned. (Nov 28)
Juniper Vase This is wood from a juniper that grew (over grew) beside our driveway till spring 2002. It's taken since then to actually turn the wood. Click image for a picture of the cutting. (Nov 14)