Allans 2017 Projects

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Unique Wrap for Universal Christmas Gift


(a stick to keep knitters from getting all wound up in things).

Yard Bench.

Sweater Dryer.

Now for a real project! Replace the leaky paperbox at the front door.

I need to do something to learn about the new saw. Well why not build a bird house, with all kinds of angles in the wall and roof. Yea right!

Strawberry bed rebuild

This is the new "to me" table saw. The saw is an older "Craftsman Contractor" table saw, with a "Laser Line" rip fence.

A replacement handle for my new cane. A little more hand friendly this time?

New "wood?" work. Putting scales on high quality knife blanks, purchased almost two years ago from Rockler Wood in USA.


Second knife started. This time with a better quality blank!


Knife 3. A Skinner's knife!

Knife sheath(s). The carry cover for these display knives!

New computer

Had a piece of wood to make a new cane for several years, but had to get a new (to me) lathe to be able to turn the length.

The first bread of 2017 got a little over risen, while Allan was trying to figure out how to backup 118.75GB of our photo files into 119.69GB free space

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