Allans 2018 Projects

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Inside out turned Christmas Ornament

Monitor Stand
Well Black Friday (a week early) came with two matched 27 inch LCD monitors, to replace the ones on the MAC. (Which didn't match in either colour rendition or size)

The ongoing story of the cold room venting.

Wings for table loom

French Bread

Rework the overhead lighting on the loom. Previous version blinked off with the vibration.

Bucket fix-up to make fertilizing greenhouse much easer.

New table.

Planter for garden herbs.

Omega Onion ioT temperature controller for cold room

Sweater Dryer again.
The on going saga revisited. This time to add legs and stiffeners.

I use newpaper to cover benchs and stuff when I am painting, and handling the roll has always been fun.

Last year I built a heated (light) cover for our humming bird feeder. At about -5c they freeze, but we have one resident Anna's humming bird who gets right angry when his food it frozen.

Repair a friend's Great-grandmother's antique Norwegian spinning wheel.

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