Allans 2019 Projects

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A drift wood post, drilled and chiseled out to make a header for the irrigation and power to the back flower bed. We have keep the bird bath/racoon waterier ice free for the winter. Using a stock water heater and an extension cord run across the yard. Every so often the extension cord would be moved around by the raccoons, so this year we buried three PVC pipes from the house to the flower bed. One for a conduit for power, one for water on tap and the third for a controlled irrigation source.

A new layer of high efficiency LED plant grow lights. The bottom layer consists of 4 - 4 foot long lamps that have been in place for over a year, used for house plants. The upper layer are 2 - 2 foot lamps for seed sprouting. Currently there are three pots of indeterminate tomato cuttings from last summer and one pot of Asparagus SEED from the raised bed plants. The trays are made of 1/2 inch G1S plywood with mylar (from a space blanket) attached with spray adhesive.

Bent out of shape

Gear Head

Beam Me Up Scotty

Nalbinding Needles

Monitor Stand

Masking Tape Roller

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