Welcome to the Allan's projects 2009

Myrtle Wood Bowl I'm going to start calling these things "Politicians". It's a round hole in a square block, that wouldn't hold anything, leaks, shinny on one side, gnarled and ugly on the other. See what I mean! This one is about 6 inches on a side and 3 inches high. Myrtle Wood only comes from around Bandon Oregon, I got this block in a WoodCraft store in Boise Idaho.
(December 21, 2009)
Bench  Built from reclaimed pine from our old headboard, and a bench that had been build as a spinning stool. A place for old backs to sit and tie shoe laces
(November 24, 2009)
Bed head board made of pine 2x10. A new king size bed made our old bookcase head board obsolete. The original was build 30 years ago, when Allan spent a couple of months living on his own with only a waterbed, one chair, folding table, and camp stove.
(Aug 22, 2009)
Spinning Stool   Made from Hickory (legs) Walnut (leg blocks) Cherry (seat).  The piano stool mechanism is from Lee Valley tools. Finished with two coats of cherry stain and five coats of satin polyurethane .
(May 10, 2009)
Earring Box Made from scrap maple and walnut as a birthday present for Sheila. Maple in the top and bottom are book matched. All the dividers are maple and individually glued in place
(May 3, 2009)
Problems Now what goes where??
(May 6, 2009)
Reed Holders made of red oak. These are used to hold the reed upright when slaying (putting the thread through it) before it is mounted on the loom
(Feb 18, 2009)
Decorative bowl turned from old growth fir. The wood is reclaimed from a church hall in Kelowna that was being torn down. If you pop up the enlargement and take a look you'll see that by the width of the grain pattern that this is "costal" fir.
(Feb 18, 2009)
Decorative bowl turned from old growth pine. Again the wood is from the church hall and the enlargement show by the width of the grain pattern that this is "inland" pine.
(Feb 18, 2009)
Decorative bowl turned from maple.
(Jan 15, 2009)
Decrative bowl turned from maple.
(Jan 15, 2009)
Usefully bowl turned from Myrtle wood bought on the Oregon coast several years ago.
(Jan 15, 2009)
Step Stool build of reclaimed pine 80 years old. For Alex to be able to get into trouble at a higher level.
(Jan 15, 2009)
Bird Feeder turned from cedar, with a roof of pine and snow.
(Jan 4, 2009)