Herb Planter
May 3rd.

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Upside down on the table saw. Currently working on the leg design. Need to come up with some sort of fancy spreader to hold the legs straight.

This is the new end cap. The pipe was part of the stuff we had made for our raised strawberry patch. They started off with this 5 foot unit, the guy in the shop not believing we wanted two 10 foot sections. I made the end caps and pop riveted them in place. They are not sealed, to allow for drainage when they get over watered.

Cutting the easy parts for the leg spreader.

The leg spreader sitting in place. Remember this thing is upside down on the bench. Now you can see where the 'not so easy' cuts were. What you can't see is that at one of the skinny end crosses, there was s big void in the plywood that had to be filled.

Legs getting a first coat of aerosol "Carey green" paint (getting so everything outside is accented in green) after a brush on coat of outdoor primer.

After a couple of days of goofing off time, planter is in place, and planted!
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