Head Gear
September 6th to Yth

Click image for enlargement.

This is a wheel from the AVL Loom's automatic cloth advance, and does the same sort of a job as what I am looking for.


Mounted on some 1/2 inch Baltic Birch ready for cutting.

Set up on the router table, with a 3/8's flush cut bit, ready to go.

The bearing on top of the bit follows the pattern cutting the same shape into the birch below, with out damage to the pattern.

This what you get after routing.
Now it's not exactly what I want, because this gear stops rotation in one only direction and I want to be able to stop it in both directions.
And the router bit is 3/8's and I want 1/4 notches. The bit didn't go deep enough into the pattern to get the full depth.

So with a couple of old school tools, the notches were cut for both depth and direction.


By filing the notches out so I could control rotation in both directions, I opened them up so the 3/8's flush cut bit would cut accurately.

These three gears are the result.
First the left most, is the original cut directly with the wheel from the loom.
Second top center is the filed copy notched in both directions.
The one mounted is the result of using number two to rout it.
This is mounted so I can test if it works and make the dogs that stop rotation.
This dog stops rotation in a clock wise direction, but clicks over the gear when it is rotated counter clock wise.

The second dog added, to stop rotation in the opposite direction. Now to come up with some way that will let me disengage the dogs one at a time, to allow rotation.

Along the way a couple of aids were built. The files got roughed out handles, and a device to hold the shop vac hose where it would do some good keeping the dust down.

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