Nalbinding Needles
July 18th to ?th

Click image for enlargement.
Nalbinding is a Scandinavian form of "knotless knitting", using only one needle. Think of it as interlocking chain knotting yarn.
One of the local weavers asked if I could make needles, after she attended a class at the conference in Prince George this summer. She found the needle from the class was not smooth, and required sanding to keep it usable. After looking up what Nalbinding is on the Internet, it looked like a doable project.
These are the three stages of my first attempt.
Top is the blank wood (hard eastern maple), Rough out, Finished on bottom.


Second try! Much thinner, and a bit longer.

Third! Thinner and curved.
After watching a couple of YouTube videos it seemed to me that a curved needle would make it easer to pick up stitches.

After a making the first samples, it looked like that I was going to need a tool to guide the cutting of the needles from the blank.
This lets me cut without (overly) endangering fingers. (Have been there a couple of times with the band saw.)


Cutting guide with a blank mounted. Makes nice straight cuts. The blank is cut to shape (this one is curved) and the eye cut by drilling two holes the right distance apart, then joining them with a fret saw.


This is the latest attempt (that hasn't gone to beta tester yet). Much thinner, curved with a smaller eye. The others above hadn't paid much attention to the thickness of both dimensions, I hope this one does.

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