Masking Tape Roller

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The parts all laid out ready for assembly.

This started with the need to be able to hold things together so they could be taped, and tear off the tape needed. The idea is that if tape is easy to get to one should only need three hands to do the job?

Like most of these things I could buy a device, but what fun is there in that? So I started a prototype with scraps of 5/8 plywood (left over from front deck rebuild).

Turns out to use all sorts of tools. Table saw, band saw, router, lathe, belt sander, oscillating spindle sander, orbital sander, wood rasp, all sorts of clamps, vise, anvil, polishing grinder.

Now there is fun it that.

Clamped together for fit up.

Glue up done!


Oops! Rotation of front spreader, got the edge too close to the tape roll. Time for a little retro hand work with that rasp. This is not a "new" roll of tape so.

Light oak stain with hand rub.

Slight modification! Cutter bar is moved forward, and down a little so the tape will stick behind cutter so it can be pulled off with one hand.

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