Allan's 2020 Projects

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Look who is back!

After much procrastinating flower bed post gets a concrete ring to hold it up straight(ish).

Hose Hanger for the back deck!

After 7 years this hose laying around on the deck had become a problem. This should keep it neat and easy to access.

This trellis is a place for cucumbers and tomatoes to grow wild. But the original bamboo was cracked and in bad shape.


Two sides of the utility post in backyard

This flower bed has been under development for 6 years, it used to be a steep bank at the edge of the grass and before "Jurassic Park".

As dirt has been removed from other parts of the yard it has bee placed on the bank, extending it to 3.5 to 4.5 feet of level ground to plant in.

To add it to the automated watering system, we put three pipes across the grass area in the late fall of 2019. The three pipes are for water controlled by the irrigation controller, tap water to fill bird bath, and electricity (used in the winter to power a stock water heater used to keep the bird bath ice free.

Oh and the post was being dumped from the yard next door. It did take 'some time' to drill the two lengthwise holes for the pipe and cut the tap and outlet box into the sides.

Home made hose hanger!


Electrical hooked up! This is so we can use the stock water heater to keep the bird bath open all winter. The timer is for the summer birdbath/fountain on the backyard patio.

Bet you figured this died a long time ago? Well having got the table that is used to start spring plants redone, and moved from where it was a big impediment to using the rest of the shop, it's now time to finish and install a way to easily raise and lower the lights.

Tiz the year to replace the plastic cover on the greenhouse. After about 3 years it gets brittle and more opaque.

Taking a break from the wood shop (like I have been spending a lot of time there the last few days). Giving a Pi Zero something to do.

New Cane

Sanding Belt Control

Mail box (like we get mail delivery eh!) with a fistula! So we can check if the news paper (like we get a paper eh!) is there when it rains.

A penny Table

Spinning Wheel

New Cat - New Post

Up till now the table we use to start the garden plants has been set up on saw horses. Making it VERY hard to move around to access the cupboards in the shop. The table itself gets stored over the rest of the year attached to the floor joists in the shop. Legs will have to be removable for storage.

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