Welcome to the Allan's projects 2013

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This is a Mesquite bowl, from a block purchased in Tucson Az in 2011. About 6 inches across, 4 deep finished with turners wax.
Pano of the shop. Finally it is in use for something other than house fix-ups.
Storage for the reeds used on Sheila's looms. They will rust if given half a chance, and are a magor cleaning problem if the do. The space in the bottom of the cupboard for the air drying stuff we use in the motor home.
Bins for vegetables. The old plastic bins were re tasked to being holders for yarn in the studio. Yes the shelf above is warped. Odd because the 3/4 inch plywood shelves in Kelowna didn't deflect in 20 years of use. This plywood came from Home Depot - a more recently purchased sheet used in the bins was tagged as having come from Chile.

Replacement handle and tamp for Heathers espresso maker. The tamp stores on the end of the handle when not in use.
New rack to hold turning tools close at hand and sharp ends up. Chuck heads, calipers etc on pegboard.

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Raddle for spreading warp on Baby Wolf loom. Made to be held by the Angle Wings that clamp to the back beam(s). (Feb)
Rollers to sit on the work bench behind the table saw. To support heavy material as it is feed through the saw.