Welcome to the Allan's projects 2014

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Holder for rolls of sand paper used with lathe. Very frustrating dropping a roll while you're in the middle of finish sanding something.

Odd but they unroll when dropped and there is never anything on the floor to stop it from running.

The left hand end is currently a place holder because I haven't found a roll of 800 grit paper.
Inkle loom. Used to make narrow woven bands, belts, bag handles etc.
Needle case - to hold larger bodkins. This is a make it up as you go project.
Fold up shelving for sales.
Top is 8 inches by 36 inches by 8 inches high. Bottom is 12 inches by 36 inches by 12 inches high.
Turnning pens.
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Cold room wine rack.
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Addition to the bird feeder tree. Open tray hopefuly for larger birds.
Building a large deep raised garden bed for the back yard. Click here for more pictures.
Building new bird houses for the back yard. The top one is made from wood left over from reno's, with cedar molding to cover the open ends of the plywood. The bottom one is cedar, milled down from some 1x8 rough board.
We have a rose arbor in the front yard that is falling down. Replacement is now underway.
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We need a box to have the papers delivered to. With no mail delivery we don't have a mail box, and if the papers are left on the step they get VERY wet.
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