Welcome to the Allan's projects 2016

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First project for the new lathe. Egg cup turned from "wet" hazel wood.

New Lathe

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New lid for Blocker (our beta fish) tank that sits on the kitchen island.

Two - 5x1 inch black walnut laminated then planed to 1/2 inch thick before turning.

New bird feeder, turned from cedar plank laminated to get a 4 inch thickness. The hope is to hold enough food, and to have a large top to keep the rain out. (The biggest thing I can turn on my (current) lathe is 10 inches diameter.

Upgrade the irrigation controller! This one replaces 3 single zone controllers that we were using, but it allows us to set things like odd day or only two (or more) days a week to meet the city regulations.

Add a USB power outlet to the closet so our cell phones can be handy incase of earthquake.
Until now phones were keep in the kitchen and would be a long way from an exit door if we had to evacuate the house.

Storage for my flag collection. I hope it will making finding "A" flag easy.

Made from 4mm cell sheet plastic. Ever try to cut 30 - 4mm rabbets with a 3mm table saw blade, that all line up? Glue up with gorilla glue and masking tape.

Bee house. To try and keep some Mason Bees in the yard. With the fruit trees (cherry and apples) we need help pollinating. This spring we have seen very few bees so far and at this time all the blossoms are done.

The core is a commercial corn flower block, built to be opened up so you an remove the bees for winter storage (in the fridge) The cedar is scrap from the work shop.

You might say I put wheels to my spinning wheel. When ever I go to demo spinning I end up with a lot of stuff to carry. And doing demos seems to be the only time I do spin. Sheila's wheel has had wheels for years, so it is about time I did mine.
This was to be the replacement for the maple knitting bowl below, but I just couldn't bring my self to cut a notch in the lip.

We put a couple of frost free bib's on the west side of the house so the new raised garden bed can be watered without having to drag hose from either the front door or the basement. While doing the cold water, I put in a hot water bib as well.
Panorama of Allan's computer room.
Starting on left is A Raspberry 2+ (Windows 10 runtime), Next two are Windows 10, Little one is an iPad, next two are Macintosh El Capitan, Lastly a Raspberry Zero with Unix.

Some how during our move we lost a pulley system that we have used for years to exercise shoulders. With Allan's rotator cuff problems it had to be found or replaced. SO one night while not sleeping Allan figured he could make one of them things.

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A filigreed maple bowl, to hold knitting yarn while it is being used. Stops it from running away, getting dirty, and paws from playing with it. Often see these made by potters, because they need to be fairly heavy to stop them from running around.
Setting up a new computer. This is a Raspberry Pi Zero, released mid November 2015 and available early December from BC Robotics in Nanaimo in very limited quantities. It has a Durban Linux based operating system. It comes as a single board, no peripherals cables, power supplies or case.

The ZERO has been built to be a cheap and usable computer. In England, where they are made the cost is some where close to $5.00cdn. Mine was $13.95 the same as the cost of shipping!

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