Milner Gardens and Woodland
Qualicum Beach
September 28

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The Milner Garden is the site of a 1920's home and a 10 acre garden planted in the middle of Douglas Fir forest on the edge of the Georgia Strait.

We went for the annual plant sale - and found two plants to bring home - but enjoyed the surroundings on a sunny day with fog along the water.
The Milner house, hiding the trees and the fog

We are still amazed when we find fuchsias that grow as perennials.
Fog drifting in over the house.

There were lots of plants for sale. All carefully potted by volunteers.
The grounds are in the middle of a Douglas Fir forest

A sunny spot in the path through the trees.
It is the wrong season for the many rhododendrons planted there, but there were several hydrangeas in bloom.

Red berries on a "mystery" bush.
Blossoms found on one VERY late season rhodo.

A closer look at those red berries.
Looking up at the top of a 600 year old Douglas Fir.

And of course every forest visit has to include a "stump picture."
Leaves were falling from a Japanese Katsura tree.

There are several metal sculptures hiding the plantings.
Beside the house - which is near the water - fog was streaming through the trees.

Zooming in on the fog!
Another fall flower we can't identify.

And more hydrangeas.
The sun found this tree.

A nut tree that we couldn't identify. Ideas anybody?
Fall colours are starting to appear along the path to the house.