Mount Washington Ski Hill
August 17

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We had never visited here before so were not sure what to expect. This is approaching the Alpine Lodge with stores and a restaurant.
This "MIle High" ski lift goes WAAAAY up the mountain. This time of year you can ride up and go hiking or ride back down.

We took the ride to the top. The views out over the surrounding mountains are amazing.
Near the top of the lift is an "Inukshuk Gallery" where visitor are invited to make their own "Inukshuk."

A closer look at one of the Inukshuk.
The ground around the lift is quite rough in the summer, but there were some trails that were smoother walking.

Looking out over the lift, Strathcona Provincial Park and Helen Mackenzie Lake
And this sign tells about the mountain we are looking at.

Looking west over the ski village, and the mountains and lakes of Strathcona Park.
The alpine village where we started is way below.

Clouds over Strathcona Park to the west..
This peak is Mount Albert Edward.

The "Whiskey Jacks" came to anyone who put up a hand, whether they had food or not!
His real name is "Gray Jay" or Canada Jay (Perisoreus canadensis according to Wikipedia.) The nickname "whiskey jack" is said to come from the Cree word Wee-sah-ka-chak" which means trickster.

When we were at the top clouds obscured our view of the Georgia Strait to the east, but we had glimpses from the highway on the way back.