What we have been doing in 2016

This space is for things that don't fit our other categories.
The day to day things that get pictured that have never been posted before.

April through September Sheila volunteered once a week to help with weeding the rhododendron bed at the Anderton Gardens.
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(One of many roses in the rose garden.)

(October 19 at Pat's house.)
Sheila meets once a year with a group of friends who are all weavers. We call ourselves the "How Complex Can it Be" group.
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(October 22)
Saturday mornings from October 1st to November 26th we are attending a series of lectures sponsored by the local Elder College. The topic is "Life on Canada's West Coast: Eight Snapshots".
"Our coast is a land of extremes, from mild to wild, from raw and rugged to long inhabited and cultured. This lecture series is an exploration of various aspects of coastal life. Topics include natural phenomena, human migrations, ocean flora and fauna, environmental threats, and initiatives to protect and restore our home. The lectures present a portrait of interactions between water and land habitats, relationships among different peoples, and the impact by all on the environment."

This is a pano of the theatre during the break in one of the lectures. The speakers have been really interesting.
On May 11th Sheila attended Qualicum Weavers
and Spinners Guild 25th anniversary tea
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(May 17)

(Feb 27)
On February 27th Sheila attended a "Spin-in held by the Victoria Weavers and Spinners.
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Cumberland Heritage Days
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(Feb 20)

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