Besides the Canadian flag

We put up others depending on the season.

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The Province of Saskatchewan - for Family Day 20-02-17

The Canada 150 flag.


The Canadian flag, just after putting up the flag pole in August 2015.


The official flag of Vancouver Island.
It is older than Canada!


Turns out that this flag was granted status on
May 19th in 1866 by Queen Victoria


A special flag for Anti-bullying Day.

Union Jack - For Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday.


Pride Flag
Flown twice in 2016
Nanaimo Pride July 8th to 12th
Courtenay Pride August 20th to 27th

The British Columbia flag.


The Canadian Red Ensign (WW-II).
Flying September 3rd in honour of
Canadian Merchant Navy Remembrance Day.

Acadian Flag. Remembrance of the Acadians driven out of Nova Scotia, and Allan's Nova Scotia Acadian relatives.


Our flag at half mast in honour of the six Muslim men killed in Quebec. Photo by Paula Holmes-Rodman.

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