A Linen Scarf
July 10th to September 4th

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The Woolgatherers knitting group challenged all of us to knit something using linen this year.

I didn't have any linen knitting yarn and am trying to work from my stash, so I chose these three cones of fine linen weaving yarns and wound them together into a ball to knit from. Together they were about the same thickness as sock yarn.

The next step was to make a sample. I chose a pattern for a lace scarf and tried it out with two different sizes of needles. The piece was crisp - it felt sort of like a pot scrubber.


So into the wash it went. Linen can take hot water so I threw it into the washer and dryer with our sheets. It came out soft and silky feeling and had only a little shrinkage.


I picked a needle in between the sizes of the two I sampled with, and cast on for a scarf in time to take it along to demonstrate knitting at the Filberg Festival at the beginning of August. It took about a month to complete. It still feels like a pot scrubber and at this point is about 51 inches long and six inches wide.

Again it went into the washer with the sheets in hot water. But instead of putting it in the dryer, it was pinned out to block to size. When wet it was a lot longer! It's pinned out to 62 inches long and 6.75 inches wide. With help from Shadow of course!

Unpinned, it's no longer "pot scrubber", but definitely crisp - more like "tablecloth" than "scarf".


So it went into the dryer. It was dry but was put in with a load of wet laundry. Now it's soft and smooth, not quite as limp as the sample. Now 70 inches long and 6 inches wide. Neil the Bear approves!

The pattern is by Amy Tyler, and can be found in the Spring 2019 Spin Off magazine. It was intended for handspun silk!

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