Orenburg Gossamer Shawl
July 2018 to April 2019

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Early last July I found myself with no unfinished knitting projects and went digging in my yarn stash for "something" to knit that would be small enough to carry to my weekly knitting group. I came up with a ball of laceweight yarn called "Gentle" by Yarn Place. It's 5% Cashmere and 95% Australian Merino.

Then I went looking for a pattern to go with it and found this Orenburg shawl by Galina A. Khmeleva and Carol R. Noble in a Knitting Traditions magazine.

Nine and a half months later here it is - fresh off the needles it measures 26 by 37 inches.


Here's a closer look at the border pattern.

The pattern intended for the shawl to be square, but I shortened it because I was worried about running out of yarn. I ended up with 108 yards left over, which means that the shawl used 1272 yards.

But no fibre project is finished until it's "wet finished" so into the soapy water it goes. It soaked for about 90 minutes. No suds here because this is a rinse.


A wet soggy heap.

Spread on a towel, which will be rolled up and "stomped" on to absorb as much water as possible.


Then stre-e-e-tched out and pinned down to dry. Now it measures 43 by 48 inches! I didn't have enough foam mats to fill the whole area so some of it is pinned to the bed.

A closer look - blocking wires are run through the points of the border and the pins hold the wires in place.


All finished. Off the pins it has relaxed to 41 by 46 inches - a bit too big for Neil the Bear to model.

While carting this to knitting group, at home I knitted a gift scarf for the guild exchange last year and started on a vest for Allan that's not quite finished. It should be coming to these pages soon.

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