A Vest for Allan
July 2018 to May 2019

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Last July - about the same time as I started the shawl below I started knitting a vest for Allan. I knew that it would quickly become too large to carry around, so I started the shawl as a portable project to go to my knitting group.

The back started with a center panel knitted from the bottom up. By mid August that was finished.


The pattern is called "Nacre" by Anna Zilboorg. It can be found in women's sizes in the very last Knitter's Magazine Winter 2016.

The next step was to pick up stitches along the sides and knit from the centre out. The last row on each side was put on a string for later joining to the fronts.

Shadow has assigned himself the job of photographer's helper.

By the time these were taken at the end of November the centre front panels were also complete and I was starting on the sides.

The yarn used for the centre panels is 70% mohair/30% wool hand dyed by Hilde Klein of Blue Star Ranch near Princeton, BC, and was purchased in the early '90s. I realized after completing the centre panels that I didn't have enough for the whole vest, so the sides include alternate rows of a "coordinating" wool/acrylic that I found at a local store.


By mid-February the sides were all complete and the "side seams" had been grafted together. It still needs arm, front and bottom bands.

By April the arm bands are done and the front band is underway. The front band is one LONG row from the bottom of one side to the bottom of the other. I used two 100 cm circular needles to knit back and forth. It was quite squished when all on one needle.


May 10th and the knitting is all done! It is washed and pinned out one more time. The plastic markers label the button holes.

The flexible blocking wires, received for my birthday a few days before, are holding the edges of the band nice and flat.


Meantime, Allan had made some wooden buttons for it.

The buttons in place - NOW it's finished!


And it even fits! Just in time for summer - but it will be ready when it's cool enough to wear it next winter.

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