Baby Blankets 2012

There is a new granddaughter due in July so Sheila made blankets.
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The warp is partly spread in the raddle, preparing for winding on.
The warp chains at the front of the loom before winding on.
Each two inch section is tied to its cord, reading to start winding.
Sheila sorting out tangles as winding progresses.
At long last,the whole warp is threaded. At this point the front beam has been removed from the loom.
All tied on ready to weave.
The first blanket, which used white weft, is underway.
Blanket #2 uses both pink and white wefts.
Weaving is finished with not an inch to spare.
Both blankets now have satin bindings applied. Here is a close up showing both sides of the waffle blanket.
Here is the crepe/twill blanket. Hard to believe it has the same warp!
Here's a "vanity" shot of the pink blanket.
And here is the mauve. I didn't get any cats helping with the pictures but they had already given their approval.