Welcome to the Sheila's projects before 2007

Sheila starts a new baby Blanket (Nov 2006)
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Baby Sweater (Nov 2006)
Baby Blanket This one is a gift for Allysa Moggey, who is already 5 months old. (Click image for full view) (Nov 2006)
A Workshop In A Box IV - from Laura Fry (Jan 2006)
Scarf from the North by North West - CBC exchange (Jan 2006)

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Silk and Merino wool vest, knit from yarn hand spun by Allan (Dec 05)
Sept 11, 2005 the Ponderosa Spinners, Weaver and Fibre Artists took second place in a "sheep to shawl" competition at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair.

Pictured here are 5 of the 6 member team. The weaver (in white), Sheila (the ply'er) and 4 spinners started with a loom partially warped with hand spun (and dyed).

During the competition, the team finished warping, and spun yarn for the weaver to complete the shawl. Once fully woven the shawl was wet finished, ends trimmed, and dryed (with an flat iron) then presented to the judge for evaluation.

Double Weave samples July 2005
March 2005 This is the oldest (new) wool blanket you will ever see. It was on the loom for ever and in the aging box for even longer.
Eyelash scarf #3 (March 04)
Eyelash scarf #4 (March 04)
The latest lace scarf
A Work Shop In A Box Project
First of two baby blankets
Second baby blanket
Place mats from the baby blanket warp
Bear modeling a lace scarf. Made as a sample for a kit Laura may be marketing.
Bear modeling a Scotland souvenir. The wool was purchased in Edinburgh on the Golden mile, and became a kit.
The finished mobius loop, qiviut scarf. Knitted in a circle from the centre out.
Well Schroeder passed on the right to be in any weaving/knitting picture to Riley. But Riley just has not got the idea that you should be dignified about it.
Three deflected double weave scarves woven of wool (red) and silk (white)for a Complex Weavers study group project. The scarf in the middle was taken along as a gift for Chris.
Sheila working on a mobius loop qiviut scarf
Baby set made for Jineen's little girl, Taylor, born Jan 31, 2003
AJ's alpaca Valentine scarf 2003
Handwoven rayon chenille scarf. plain weave. Fringes twisted, then twisted *again*. They still like to "worm."