Welcome to the Sheila's projects 2011

A pair of silk scarves completed in November 2011 - started at a warp painting workshop in March 1994!

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A close-up of Autumn Leaves. The satin weave structure means that all of the colour shows on only one side.
These two scarves were made from silk noil yarn purchased from ElectricTree yarns at Fibres West last March. This one is a pattern called "string of beads."
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This pattern for a "helical" scarf is why I bought the yarn. It is from Spin-Off magazine and I did a slight variation on a pattern by Leslie Ann Hauer. The yarn is hand dyed. The colour is "the river in you."

Applying the dye.

Finished skeins.

Dyed hankies in the steamer.

Greens and reds drying.

Singles on the bobbin before plying.

"Browns" and "Blues" drying.
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May 7 and 8 Sheila attended a workshop taught by Barbara Robinson of Rossland on dyeing silk hankies and then spinning the silk. The skein shown is a 4-ply made from the multicoloured hankies above.
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The first scarf completed.

A look at the painted warp from the back of the loom.

Weaving continued until the end of the warp was right up to the heddles.

14 yards of scarves wound on the cloth beam.

Off the loom, ready to be cut apart and hemmed or fringed before wet finishing.

Twisting the fringe on one of the scarves. Yes, the "book" holding the scarf is an iPad.
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A set of scarves woven March 2011. The warp is hand painted Tencel, and the weft is Bamboo in three different colours. Advancing twill threading with several different tie-up and treadling patterns.
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Sheila modeling the new shawl.
(March 27)
The shawl is done in "spider pattern."
(March 27)
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In 2009 Sheila fell in love with a ball of peachy Merino yarn at a store in Berkeley, CA. On finally finishing the large circular shawl in 2010 she started this small curved shawl from the book "Victorian Lace Today" by Jane Sowerby. It was finished March 25th in time to show off at the Kalamalka Guild Spin-in.
Head bands knit for co-workers at KPCC. Presented at her retirement party February 9th.
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