Welcome to the Sheila's projects 2012

Xandrea who is now 5 months old got a cabled sweater for Christmas! She wasn't all that thrilled about modelling.
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In July Sheila wove a set of "mug rugs" (coasters)
These were for sale at the Ponderosa Spinners Weavers and Fibre Artists annual Christmas sale in November.
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A Faroese style Lace Shawl from the book Wrapped in Lace by Margaret Stove. This was sent to friend June Brygider for her 90th birthday!
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A pair of new baby blankets got under way in April. This one went to our new granddaughter Xandrea who was born in July.
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A closer look at the "fern" pattern.
Puddy gives her approval of the latest knitted scarf. The colour is truest in this photo.