Welcome to the Sheila's projects 2013

Entering Sheila's weaving/spinning/computer space at the foot of the basement stairs.
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August 8th Laura Fry came to visit and helped me finish setting up the AVL. Here the "trial" warp is under way to make sure that everything is working right. The result was a set of ten placemats.
Just a long skinny scarf. The reason it is special is because it is a hand dyed blend of qiviut, merino and silk.

Another lace shawl. This one is made of hand dyed "seacell" a mixture of silk and sea weed.
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More baby blankets - made "double wide" on the Baby Wolf loom as the big loom was in storage.
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This was a 2012 project that wasn't finished until 2013, as it took about 10 months to knit. Each little hexagon was knitted from the outside to the center on four needles, picking up along the edge to join each one as knitting progressed.
But should be as cozy to wear as it was to sit under it while knitting.