Yard Changes

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The front yard will now have three irrigation zones. Allan made a header to supply water to the three timers, and installed the whole thing on a board.


Beside the garage, where we had a "pot garden" last year, a new raised bed already has garlic coming up and now has a new edge to keep the rain from rotting the side boards. Peas and potatoes have been planted.


Irrigation added, after the hose connections set up.


Of course the raised bed needs water, so now there is a hose installed beside the new outdoor taps.
The red tap is hot water.

Cold water split between the garden hose, and the irrigation controller for the raised bed. The stuff right at the tap are pressure reducers (one to 30 psi then one to 15 psi) to protect the controller.

In the back yard, the rhubarb planted last year is up, has a new edge to separate it from the adjacent path and has been weeded and some new top soil added..


The "Saskatchewan whirly-gig" is getting a new coat of paint. Watch this space for an update on the final colour.


Red and Black colours added. The green is masking tape and not part of the colour scheme


Red and Black and White. Final colours, but paint chipped when tape removed.


Turns out Red, White and Black were not final colour! A big part of the fasination with this thing is the differnt shapes it presents as it rotats in the wind. With the multi colours you just couldn't see the shape change.