Raised Strawberry Garden

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A 10 foot long gutter that was found in the shop rafters, supported on two 1/2 inch re-bar put 12 inches into the drain rock at the house footings.

It's set 20 inches out from the back wall of the house, and over the espaliered apple trees. (and volunteer flowers)


Irrigation water is sourced from the single zone timer that waters the green house raised bed. It's not neat, but if this works we are likely to add another 10 feet of gutter, and can clean it up then.


Irrigation added by pop-riveting the drip header to the back of the eave trough. Covers up the sharp edge and makes it nice and neat.



In bloom!


Tiny berries! Hey this may work yet!

Getting ready for picking.


The strawberries netted to protect them from the Starlings.