Front deck Rebuild
March 20th

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It's hard to see from here, but about four feet of boards have been removed at the far end.
Removal of a few old boards started with a hand saw, just to see what things looked like underneath.

That soon led to digging out the skill saw - not a trivial task, as the saw was "buried" behind a table of lettuce seedlings in the workshop.
One section of the deck removed confirmed that there is no rim joist next to the house and that some of the cross joists will need to be replaced too.

An outdoor tap found buried underneath the deck. It's still connected to the system!

Progress - two more sections of boards have been removed. This is not an easy job as there are many screws to be removed.

Cutting the rim joist so that we can use the original front step that was buried beneath the deck.

Looks like this deck was pucked from day one! This post was the only thing protected from water.

Ready to start thinking about a new surface. That is a very small doorstep. No wonder it was covered up.

It looks like such a small pile of wood, but those suckers were HEAVY.

The plan is to raise the new deck above the cement landing with vinyl boards so that it doesn't absorb moisture. So 1/2 to 3/4 inch strips have been added to the old joists to raise their height to the new level.

New joists being added along the front of the house and in between the old ones so that the new deck will not sag.

Installation of new joists is complete.

Sheeting purchased cut to length. Now for some dry time to install it.

Building a frame so that the landing in front of the door is the same depth as the deck. Then lunch break!

Framing complete and plastic straps applied to the doorstep to keep the wood off the cement.

The plywood is not yet attached, and the old step is temporary so we can use the front door while work continues. Rain Break!

The angled piece is a removable cover for the air vents leading to the basement cold room. The thermostat is part of the temperature control for the cold room. When it is below 10c outside it calls for warm (turns on) and there is a second thermostat inside the cold room that when it is above 10c calls for cool. When both are on the cold air is pulled in/pushed out via duct fans.

Some of the photos above show the black tar paper under the siding below the front door. This has now been patched with some old siding that was on hand.

There is going to be a small pause in work while knee rebuilds. Between wind, sheets of plywood and catching foot in the under structure Allan ended up on hands and knees on the sidewalk below the deck. This is the most visible physical damage, but in typing this the left wrist is in the most pain. That's where the arthritis is has been the worst in the past.

Back at it! The last of the sheeting is down, screwed, glued, and blood washed off!..This is crack filler waiting for sanding. Going to put "Deckote" (hard non slip surface) as a moisture protection. And this is the first step in that finish.

New cap on the step to maintain the height ratio between steps and a new surface to paint/carpet.

Two coats of primer, ready for the safety coat. Step cap is being used to keep traffic off the deck while it dries.

Safety coat down and drying.

Indoor/Outdoor carpet down, and irrigation pipe added for the pots. We do have one more paint coat to put down to finish the non slip (winter) surface, but we had to order it from Slegg on Salt Spring Island and will take a couple of weeks to come. Yes we know we could have driven there in a couple of hours but Salt Spring is a 20 minute ferry ride and would have doubled the cost.

Final layer of Deckote came in. After a tour of 4 different Slegg Lumber stores.
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