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In between rain storms we had a couple of days dry enough that Allan was able to move leaves from the trees and ferns to the back lawn with the leaf blower. Then he ran over them with the lawn mower, creating mulch that was less volume when bagged. This heap produced four more bags.

Last winter this Rube Goldberg was built to keep a humming bird feeder thawed. We have a resident Anna's humming bird who needs constant food in the winter, and running out a warm feeder at 6:00am was not in the plans. This fall it got a layer of space blanket mylar to keep more heat in.

Meanwhile, there are flowers on the inside of the house.

Who said it could snow before the leaves finished falling?

This started off as a project to upgrade the dirt in the back yard raised bed. 2 cubic yards of grade A garden soil was easy to get delivered to the front yard.

Fall has started in a big way. Suppose we can sell the house before the leaves hit the ground??

A metal handrail has been installed on the side of our house. Going down the outdoor "stairs" will be much safer, especially for those with wobbly knees. It is undercoated ready to be painted green to match the rest of the trim. Those are solar lights below the railing.


Three days later and a coat of green paint installed. The black horizontal pipe is the feed and overflow for the rain barrel.


Allan picked approximately half of our apple crop - 14 Honey Crisps, 3 Gravesteins, and 1 Spartan. First crop for all three trees. There are roughly as many apples on the potted Mac which are not ready to be picked yet.

Smoke from forest fires in BC and Washington has moved into our area again. It isn't good for the lungs but makes nice sunsets.

This is about half of our tomato crop too. The recent hot weather has caused them to all ripen at once.

Well you might not be impressed, but this is the first Honeycrisp apple from our espaliered tree.

We were glad to find new flowers in bloom when we returned from an 18 day vacation.

Lily season has started.

Canada Day Flags and Flowers

Canada Day Flags

There was a tree that had to go...

Summer flowers are starting to appear.

This time of year something new comes into bloom almost every day.

It's almost June and more flowers are blooming.

Victoria long weekend plantings.

Apple blossoms and things are happening in the back yard!

The view from our front door!

It's later than usual, but spring is breaking out all over.

Two single zone irrigation controllers ready to provide irrigation separately to the greenhouse and to the strawberries and apple trees. That's a lot of hose clamps!


Hose clamps didn't work! Every joint sprayed water when it was turned on. New rule - don't use hose clamps with PEX pipe!


Potted canna lilies and dahlias getting a head start on the season and some pots of lettuce that will go on the back deck have been moved to the greenhouse for "hardening."

It stopped raining long enough to put a new plastic cover on the back yard greenhouse.

The sun on the weekend brought several more spring flowers into bloom.

Second raised bed! This one has one side with Asparagus planted this year, Garlic in the center, Carrots and Beets on this side.

Spring work continues - Allan has removed the old plastic from the back yard greenhouse, dug it up and removed last year's onions, then dug in four bags of manure. All ready for this year's crop!

Adding more strawberry plants to the "strawberry trough" in the back yard.

The first hyacinths of the season are blooming below the strawberries.

On March 23th a new metal plate was installed keep out "visitors" at the bottom of the garage door frame.

On March 20th the rebuild of the front deck got a start.

The sun came out and the crocuses have opened up.

A dwarf Empire apple tree purchased as a bare root tree from the Fruit Trees and More Nursery & Demonstration Orchard located on the Saanich Peninsula, north of Victoria. It was the reason that we ended up on the Mill Bay Ferry on March 3rd. Our snowy weather last week prevented earlier planting.

The trellises at the side of the garage have been removed, repaired, repainted and put back up.

So much for "spring"! Winter had to remind us that it's still February. There are blooming snowdrops under six inches of snow in the trees at the back of the yard and the barbecue is buried again.

But Allan was glad of an opportunity to try out his new snow blower. Here's the very first pass and starting back on the second. Of course after our driveway was finished and he was working on a neighbour's, the City plows came by and there was a plow ridge to do too.

The snow from the 24th had all gone from the trees and the grass was mostly clear. We woke on the 26th to about three times as much snow. It was heavy and wet - and seems to have taken the City by surprise as the plows had not yet been past at 8:30 AM.

The new addition to the family.
A 23 inch Husqvarna snow blower.
Yes! There is snow in the background, BUT it is only 5cm deep. And No! It didn't get tested out. (yet)

One last (we hope) kick at the snow can! Two inches of wet heavy snow by 9:00am on the 24th.


Spring is springing! The primulas have buds and the snowdrops are in bloom in the back yard.

We had "spring" for two weeks at the end of January but winter returned. This is our back deck after 24 hours of snow early on Feb 4th. And more still falling.

This azalea lives in a big pot and comes inside for the winter. It has started to bud!


Another plant in bloom. (Check the amaryllises below for updates there too.)


A hummingbird feeder warmer - Allan created this to keep the hummingbird syrup from freezing on cold nights. This was made from a 2 L plastic jug. He is working on designing a longer model.


We were hoping for no more snow, but it arrived anyway. Only about three inches deep, but as heavy as shoveling water. A substantial plow ridge has been about half removed so that there was room to get the car out for a morning appointment.


New Year with a new Canada 2017 Flag.


This year's amaryllises were in a hurry and started blooming at the end of December.


Two days later - the same two blossoms are open. The mauve clematis is Proteus. The white one is Henryi.

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