House "Cactus"
November 12th

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Several of the zygo cactuses are starting to bloom.


A friend suggests that as these are not blooming at either Christmas or Easter, they should be called "Hallowe'en" cactuses!

Plants that usually live in the basement have been brought upstairs where we can see them.

Of course picture taking attracts "help."


This one has been on a window sill facing south east. All of its blossoms are on one side of the plant!


And hiding in the basement - one blossom on the orchid cactus that has bloomed in January, May and August so far this year. The blossom is nearly 6 inches across.


One last zygo cactus is now blooming. There won't be any left for Christmas.


A closer look at one of those bright orange blossoms.

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