Yard Pictures 2018

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Still Fall

Cactus plants.

It's that time of year.

The start of the clean up for fall!

The standup strawberry bed is gone! As much as we will hate the loss of the strawberries every June, the placement of the bed was such that the apple trees were suffering big time.
There was just no place else in our yard that they would have got enough sun to produce a crop.


This large, luscious Honey Crisp is our entire apple crop this year!

Once every six or seven years we make our own salsa.

Twenty five pounds of medium and large pickling cucumbers for canning.
(The 12 large ones are for deep fried pickles.)

We need a picture of that canna lily in case the deer eat it.

It's been SO hot and dry!

Farewell to the old hot water heater!

Look who came to visit the Rose of Sharon in the front yard.

Christmas in July

After 5 years and little to no trouble with deer in the backyard the trouble started.

Almost every day something new has opened its blossoms.

Pretending that we live in a desert!

Part of the new lily crop. Wish we didn't have to cage them, but deer will be deer and they love lily for breakfast.

New section of fence, this time to keep the bamboo in the garden, and not overhanging the grass.

And the flowers just keep coming!

A plethora of flowers!


Signs of summer!

More summer flowers arriving.

Summer flowers are starting to bloom!

Herb planter for the backyard..

Spring planting is happening.

The "late Spring" flowers include a lot of tulips planted by the former owners. We are still discovering new ones.

More spring flowers are in bloom.

Front yard improvement happening.

Things are blooming - indoors and out.

Ok the first part of this is hard to see, but the right most jar is from our cold water tap. The center one which looks slightly silver in colour, is from the hot water tap. When it was run the water had a distinct brown cast to it. The left most jar is what we got when we flushed the hot water tank. It ran this colour for abut 3 minutes at the tap closest to the water heater.
We attached a garden hose to the drain tap on the heater, and turned the water temp right down and turned off the inlet tap. With the help of one of our old fountain pumps (from Kelowna) the tank drained in about 20 minutes.
We got the brown water when we turned the inlet tap back on the, by then empty, tank and watched what happened as the tank refilled. I think this is rust from a steel tank liner and not sediment.
We did this every couple of years in Kelowna - there we got sand.

Rhubarb newly replanted in some soil that it should actually be able to grow in. The plastic trugs beside it are two of four loads of "cement" (heavy clay) removed from the bottom of the rhubarb bed over the course of several days.

There has been snow and freezing temperatures on and off for the past week, but the strawberries next to the house think that it's time to start growing.

In spite of winter-like temperatures and threats of more snow, the spring flowers are blooming in our yard.

Indoor flowers to enjoy while it's winter outside. I delayed repotting the amaryllis bulbs so there would be flowers now instead of all at Christmas.

The top one - the first of four on two stems - opened a week ago. Below is the first of eight - four each on two stems - along with the last blossom on the first plant. The white one is about eight inches across the blossom.


Who said it was spring in February??

The top frame was taken about halfway along the process of adding a switch that moves 'some' of the circuits in the house from the hydro source to our generator.

With the way power has been out for days on some parts of the island we don't want to be in the dark in case it happens to us. Granted there are no overhead wires to be taken down by trees in our neighborhood but with wild fires etc being able to take out transmission lines who knows what will case a prolonged outage.

The bottom frame is after it was completed. Right panel is the original, left panel has the 'moved' circuits (fridge, freezer, some lights etc) and a switch that moves that panel source from hydro to generator set.

The rats nest above the main panel is where the 'moved' circuits had their wire spliced so they would reach the new panel.

Like all good worthwhile electrical changes, patching the sheet rock is left to someone else when the electricians left.


There have been snowdrops blooming in the back yard for over a week now. They were showing colour before it snowed.

January has been warm and very wet. Spring bulbs were sprouting. Over night we went from spring to back to winter.

Out of season flowers.

The day ended with a problem! The oven would not hold heat levels, so roast chicken came up to cook temperature then cooled off. After a couple of hours we had 'cool' chicken not cooking chicken. Could be the oven didn't like the idea of 'roasting meat' and was protesting? We would normally do this sort of cooking on the BBQ - but it shouldn't be stuffed so full!

2018 started with a beautiful sunrise over the neighbours' roofs.

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