Amaryllis Two
March 16

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One more bright red blossom.

Second set of blooms on the white plant, and a red one starting to bloom. There is only one more plant to bloom, which will be another red and white like this one.

Not an amaryllis - this orchid cactus has one large beautiful blossom.

The plant is hiding at the back of my "nursery" table behind some poinsettias waiting to be planted outside for summer greenery. And yes, that is a blossom on a zygo cactus squeezed into the mix too.

Plant #3 has four all white blossoms. They are almost as large as the pink one.

The second one to bloom is this large pink with four blossoms on one stem.

This plant doesn't have a fancy name - but the blossom is 9 inches across!

Left file is sum19/amaryllis2/dscn1245.jpg


Right file is sum19/amaryllis2/dscn1250.jpg

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