Backyard Bee House
May 10th

Click image for enlargement.
Heather and Steve gave Sheila a "Mason Bee Chalet" for her birthday.

It needed a place to live and Allan just happened to have a post.

He made a plate for the top. Notice that it has a pin in the centre.


Then he made another plate for the bottom of the bee house. It has a dimple in the centre to match the pin on the post.

The post was planted among the ferns in "Jurassic Park" in our back yard.


The following day the bee house was set on top of the post and the two plates were screwed together.

We already had two bee "beach cabins" under the edges of our back deck. This one on the right..


and this one at the left. They were both used last summer.

A 14 story bee chalet - complete with housekeeping suites at the sides and a penthouse for butterflies at the top.

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