Update Deer Fence in front yard
April 29th & 30th

This is from last year when we had wire rings around all of the lilies in the front yard to keep the deer from eating them. We planted more lilies last year and this spring we ended up with five rings crammed into the space.


The solution was to build a new fence that enclosed the whole bed.

It's hard to see, but there is already wire attached to the rebar rods next to the driveway. On the near side is the roll of stucco wire ready to be cut to length for the side next to the lawn.

The following day a ring of irrigation pipe was added to stabilize the whole thing. It's painted green to match the supports fences at the ends but is not quite finished here - some elbows are needed and the piece at the far end still needs to be painted.

All finished. Notice the "pink snow" (cherry blossom petals) everywhere. It will be even thicker before they finish falling.

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