Back Patio fountain/birdbath
June 1st

Click image for enlargement.
A plastic tub from Home Depot, with a water pump covered by an irrigation box, a rock to hold it down, and a tube to create a "fountain."


This thing needs a top. A large plant watering tray that just fits the top of the tub has had holes punched all over, and the tube now sprays down instead of up.

A bucket of pea gravel is having the dust washed out by putting some on a screen and spraying it with the garden hose.


The large tray was filled with gravel, then a small tray (with no holes) was added to create a bird bath.

All finished.

Sheila is amazed that Allan lived for six years without water running somewhere in the yard. We had three fountains in Kelowna.


Within about 20 minutes of starting it up the chickadees had found it!

They were having a blast!

Electrical now fix'd up, and powered from a GFI for the BBQ.

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