The start of 2019 Gardening
February 16 th.

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The Cannas and Dahlia getting up and ready to set out. Now if it would just stay above 4oC for a few days.

Lettuce for the back deck, and green house at three different stages.

Dahlia and Canna roots planted after a couple of weeks under lights in the shop.

And the lettuce starts anfter a couple of weeks.

Dahlia and Canna roots planted after their winter in the garage.


Two trays getting ready for our back deck. Five kinds of lettuce will be started for early spring use. The back one is currently planted with early lettuce, the front will be planted in a couple of weeks. The bulk of dirt in under the lights seems to mitigate temperature and humidity swings.

This is the first one up. Red Sails leaf lettuce seems to do best outside early in the year.


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