Yard Pictures 2019

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November Begins.


Just before the worst job of fall happens,
the Big Leaf Maples in the back yard treat us with a spectacular display! Something to remember while recovering from picking them up again.

Fall work.


This is a fence for climbers beside our basement patio. It has had a very messy Clematis growing on it, which went 6 feet above the top shown here and up to the rail on the deck above. The original netting used to climb on was plastic bird netting used to cover fruit trees in the Okanagan and too light for the task. This is stainless steel stucco wire.
If you look closely you will see there are never too many clamps! There is a slot in the center of the 2X4 that will take a spline to hold the wire in place.

The start of year 2020
Twenty some garlic planted in the upstairs raised bed. The white is a buried divider to keep the asparagus out of the garlic/lettuce side of the bed.

Fixing electrical Problems.

Planning changes for the back patio.

August flying by!

August Cactus!

July Lilies!

July already!

End of June!

Now it's lily season!

More June flowers.

May flowers become June flowers.

A new bird bath!

Keeping the neighbour's raspberries out of our raised bed.

More May flowers

More changes in the bee house neighbourhood.

Newest Flowers

New Bee House in the Back Yard

Back Yard Apples and Tomatoes

Deer Fence upgrade

April flowers abound.

Driving around in Courtenay

More new things happening in the yard.

Gardening is underway.

A Rufus hummingbird at one of our feeders. Screen capture from a web cam set up by Allan in the kitchen window.

This is our Gravenstein apple tree. Moved once from the side yard where it didn't get enough sunlight, to the middle of the back yard. The plastic bags, sand filled, weight the limbs so they turn down and keep the height of the tree down. It is an older way of dwarfing an apple tree

April Flowers.

New Birdhouse.

Spring prune on the poor cherry tree in front yard..

Spring is springing.

Amaryllis season Take 2

Gardening has started.

Indoors it's amaryllis season again.

Snow Day!

Super Blood Wolf Moon - Lunar Eclipse in progress.

Not enough light at full eclipse for a hand held picture that wasn't all fuzzy.

Yes it is still the middle of January!

Oh! Hey! Look it stopped raining!

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