Green House
Nov 2nd to 15th

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2014 was the first year we set up a cover for the raised bed we had built in the back yard in 2013. This is the crop in July. Carrots, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes under the cover

This is the crop in April of 2020. After 3 years of progressively poorer crops the fate is written. Gone at end of season!


The structure had become much more elaborate. With hanging cherry tomatoes, and cross beam for the cucumbers to run on.

The cover is knocked down and bundled as to function.


Bed frame all that is left, with a "free" ad on Craigslist for any one to remove it.
Raised Garden Bed Frame, approximately 4 X 8 X 2 - Free for your removal. (Dirt stays!)Has been in use for 5 years, but the big trees on the south side of our yard now filter out enough sun light that things just don't do well.Also have a "green house" like cover made of ABS pipe and PVC connectors that is for sale! All the fittings are "slip together" and are easy to pull apart and reconfigure.

After an hour or so, the frame was gone.
Now the work begins!
Dirt will be moved around the yard to fill areas where there has been subsidence and tree roots are becoming a hazard for mowing.

This is the root of the cherry tree in the front yard that has slowly emerged and has become a mower hazard.

And this is one of the big leaf maple roots in the back yard. This one is high enough that the mower blade hits it as you pass over.

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