Snow Daze
March 7th

Click image for enlargement.
We've been having warm, occasionally wet, weather so weren't expecting to wake to this!

No birds at the minute, but they were very happy with the feeders in the morning.


There are crocuses blooming in the grass and front flower beds under that snow.

It was accumulating quickly, even though the thermometer said +1 C.


The hellebores in the bed at the front of the house were partly protected.

The back yard was a winter wonderland again.


Poor Buddha getting covered. Notice the crocus and hellebore blossoms behind him.

Of course, it stopped snowing by 11 AM, and the driveway had melted by mid afternoon - probably all gone by tomorrow.


24 hours later and no snow!
Note the green growth? This guy was outside in Kelowna for some five years and didn't get this . Not sure just how to remedy that, being as he lives in a flower bed and chemicals are likely a no-no.
We will definitely have to level his base.

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