Yard Pictures 2020

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Amaryllis bulbs potted in January are starting to bloom.

Spring flowers appearing in February!

Makes having lunch difficult!

OK it has been years since I tried to mount a movie on this website! The thing to the right "should" run a 10 second movie, and it works on Apple devices, and will prompt you through on Windows 10 IE and Edge. FireFox will run the movie in the popup window, but you might have to "start it" (Mouse over the popup image will show the start button.)

We have had so much wind and rain this winter that the birds will put up with all sorts of stuff to get to the food.

Laundry day!

Caused by adopting a new cat! The box containing Sheila's childhood dolls had to be moved. That has resulted in the doll clothes being hand washed and hung to dry. This is only part of one doll's incredible wardrobe! Now what to do with them??

The first snow of 2020

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