Yard Pictures 2020

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Ever in December there is garden work to do! 6 years of clematises growth removed from front yard trellis, This year the blossoms were all on the top where they were hard to see. This should move them down for a while.


Green House!

And can I say MORE leaves!

And even MORE leaves!

MORE leaves!

The Meyer lemon started to bud as soon as we brought it indoors. Now it's blooming. It gets to spend the winter hiding in the basement shower under artificial lights.

These two zygo cactus started blooming as soon as they came in after spending the summer outside.

Fall Colours!

The tale of two three paint jobs!

We were at Sieffert's Farm Market, picking up more winter potatoes and other vegetables on Friday. The market has a fairly high Covid protocol meaning that only one customer from a family at a time can enter. Allan has been sitting in the car while Sheila shops all summer. Most days Allan has parked so that he can people-watch as they line up at the door (all carefully distanced - you would not believe the mask protocols some people have!) This day we parked facing the other way, at what you might think of as THE fall landscape.

The 'grass' is fall rye, left side are pumpkins and sunflowers. The sky in the back ground is hazier with California smoke. (It also overlooks the center of the main runway at the airport.) Oh to have been 90 seconds faster taking this, because there was (what I am sure was) a Spitfire taking off.

Fall Flowers

Our apple crop for 2020

This is the corner of Valley View and Lerwick (about 3 houses east of us) at 8:30am on September 13th.
The smoke is so thick that one of the street lights is still on.
There are two lights very close together up there but the second one is hidden in the tree to the left.

Fire Roasting Tomatoes

More August Flowers

Fire roasting peppers!

20 pounds of Roma tomatoes!

2020 garlic crop, out in the sun to dry on the back deck.

August Flowers

Fence Replacement

First of the Dahlia's

Still July

July also means Day Lilies

If it's July there must be lilies

Late June flowers

More June flowers

Next door tree removal

May 30th


Switching to summer flowers

May flowers

Planting happening!

A sample of what happens when things collide! First the cherry tree has been in bloom for a few days, then it starts to rain with a stiff breeze. We are sure that there are blossoms from our tree at the postal box that is across the street and 3 houses away.

A first ever for us! After three years we harvested in the asparagus patch! It's not much but there are several more plants not quite ready yet.

It's tulip time!

This zygo cactus was in a basement window and decided that it's time to bloom again! It has more blossoms than it did last fall.

Happy Earth Day!

A trillium in our back trees.

Spring is ignoring what humans are doing and things continue to bloom.

Buddha admiring the hyacinths in the front yard.

Out of season Christmas Cactus! The plants live under lights that are on just 11 hours a day, which confuses them into thinking that it's time to bloom. A couple of others have bloomed also but I forgot to take pictures.

Lemon trees!

More spring flowers!

So much for spring flowers!

Amaryllis bulbs potted in January are starting to bloom.

Spring flowers appearing in February!

Makes having lunch difficult!

OK it has been years since I tried to mount a movie on this website! The thing to the right "should" run a 10 second movie, and it works on Apple devices, and will prompt you through on Windows 10 IE and Edge. FireFox will run the movie in the popup window, but you might have to "start it" (Mouse over the popup image will show the start button.)

We have had so much wind and rain this winter that the birds will put up with all sorts of stuff to get to the food.

Laundry day!

Caused by adopting a new cat! The box containing Sheila's childhood dolls had to be moved. That has resulted in the doll clothes being hand washed and hung to dry. This is only part of one doll's incredible wardrobe! Now what to do with them??

The first snow of 2020

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