Christmas 2020
Dec 12th to ...

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The supervisors! They've been very good about ignoring the decorations.


The Christmas village has taken its place on the mantle.

And the small-ish artificial tree is covered with at least half of our tree decorations. It's not big enough to hold a tinsel rope, so the rope went up on the wall.


The plants over the kitchen sink find themselves full of decorations made by family and friends over the years.


The last of 5 batches of Xmas ice cream.
(This is strawberry, there is one batch of Espresso, and 3 of maple walnut)

The maker, has it's own 'cooling stuff" in it and requires an over night stay in our freezer to be "too" cold to work. After it comes out of the freezer it has to sit for 20/30 minutes to warn up some or you get one large lump of frozen mix.

There are 1½ cups whole milk, 1½ cups whipping cream, ¾ cup sugar in each batch.


This thing was a Christmas gift from a friend years ago. All previous cats have ignored it. Charlie loves it! She is the one who pushed it next to her bed so she can wrestle with it at will.

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