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Sheila has 15 amaryllis bulbs! Every fall they get taken out of their pots and put in our cold room for a couple of months. About a month ago she repotted five of them.

This is the first to bloom. There are three more buds hiding behind the blossom and another stem coming up.

Notice the zygo cactus behind it - it is blooming for the second time this year.


A closer look.

Watch this space as there are four more plants with buds and five more bulbs that have been repotted, with the last five still to come. There should be blossoms until April!


Blossoms 2 and 3 are Exotic Stripe - not quite as large as the double one, but they live up to their name.


A third plant is now blooming. There are no more doubles like the first blossoms, but these are just as large. There will be four blossoms on this stem.


Quickly followed by the fourth plant. This is an offspring of one of our first plants and always blooms reliably.


Update - An indoor flower garden. The large pink and white amaryllises are still blooming and a blossom has opened on the second stem of the earlier double plant.

You can also see two red buds peeking out from a fourth plant - they will be open soon.


A closer look at the latest blossoms on that second stalk.


And two of those red buds are now open.


A second pot of Exotic Stripe has blossomed.


And now Barbados Dark Red is blooming - there are 8 blossoms on two stems - soon all 8 will be open at once!


Eight big red blossoms open at the same time! Cheery on the dull wet days we've been having.


The last batch of bulbs is starting to bloom. This plant is an off-spring of the one that bloomed in January.


This red and white is also related to the plant that bloomed earlier.


One more day and the next plant has big fat bulbs.


And the following morning they are open. We only have one of these. The blossoms are huge. There are four blossoms on this stem and a second stem coming.


Update - now there are six of those large pink blossoms open and one bud left to come.


The very last amaryllis of the season. This is an intense dark red that makes everything else look wishy-washy. The camera doesn't begin to catch the depth of colour.

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