Well into November
November 6th

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Remember the miniature maple that was still green back on October 16th when the trees in the back yard were already well into changing colour? This has happened in the past two days!


The leaves on the sunny side have turned sooner than the other side. Which is interesting considering how little sunshine we've had in the past couple of weeks.

In the house - the yellow Zygo cactus is blooming. This is the third time it has bloomed this year!

The Lace Hydrangea got its annual hair cut today. It would love to take over the space.


The maple got his haircut today as well after the pictures above were taken. It would love to be 15 feet high and 10 feet wide, but by trimming this year's growth every fall we keep it in control.

There are three 'trees' in this little corner space. The Maple for summer green, and fall bright yellow then red. The Forsythia which is bright yellow in very early spring then green the rest of the year. And the Hydrangea which has purple/blue blossoms all summer.


A couple of days later, the 'sunny' side of this maple turns more red.


It gets a little more orange every day. It the brightest thing in the yard on a wet grey day.


Four days and lots of heavy rain later and the colour is starting to land at its feet.


Meanwhile - in the house - another Zygo cactus is blooming.

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