The start of a new month of rain
November 3rd.

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An 'upgraded' weather station, outside the back door. Based on a Raspberry Pi Zero, it monitors and logs Temperature, Humidity and Barometric pressure. The sensor is in the blue upside down pill bottle and the computer is sealed in the container at the top.


This is an Anna's humming bird, at least one of which lives with us all year long. He/She is setting on the far side of our winter feeder shown below.

This is a power operated winter humming bird feeder! The green bucket has a 25 watt light bulb in it that keeps the feeder unfrozen to at least -8c (that is a low as we have seen since this version was created in the fall of 2020. There is no thermostat on this, it just stays on 24/7 but the hummers don't seem to mind the warmer feed during the day.

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