A Baked Half Turkey
October 10th

Click image for enlargement.
This is our guy!
We had the Butchers Block cut a 14.5 lb turkey in half. (Boy if half is the word, they were within a couple of ounces)
Stuffing is made as usual, but slightly wetter so it stuck together better.


Using foil to hold the stuffing to the bird.


Then tying the whole thing to the rack so it can be flipped.

Ready to go in the oven - half of a 14.5 lb turkey should feed the two of us for a few days.

So here we are 4 hours later! It took an extra hour to cook than the expected 20 minutes per pound (+ 20 minutes)
The rack made it easy to turn it back over.

This is what you get when the foil is pealed back. That's more stuffing than it looks - enough for two or three meals for the two of us!

Easy access to de-bone. Bones lifted off not much problem at all. Carving now was a bigger problem!(No bones to cut against)

Things we need to do differently next time.
Plan for extra cook time! Likely an extra half to three quarters of an hour!
Put holes in the foil under the dressing so fat can drain out and not soak it.
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