Fall seems to have arrived
September 30th to October 7th

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Two hot pokers and a crocosmia at the bottom of the slope will eventually help to hide the compost bin.


Even though most of the leaves are still green, a wind storm on the 29th deposited Big Leaf Maple leaves all over the yard. Fortunately no tree limbs were broken.

The tomatoes are almost finished. Of course this was taken AFTER picking five ripe ones.


And this scraggly cucumber plant just doesn't stop - there are four in the picture - two more out of sight.


The entire crop of apples on the Mac tree that we moved out of its pot in the spring. Even heavy pruning didn't help them get large this year.


Picking ripe tomatoes and cucs in October has to be some sort of record! The tomato plants still have lots of green ones, but the chances of them ripening are slim.

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